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About Us

Get to know the Founders:

Jeff: The first time I got on a scooter I felt a sense of exhilaration and freedom I’d never felt before. That feeling has stayed with me until this day. I made a connection between scooters, freedom of movement and possibilities. I love motion in all its forms – travel, dance and exercise. I really believe that mobility is an absolutely essential part of a joyous and full life.

To me, simply put, mobility equals freedom.

With that in mind, my friend, Eric and I decided to create a business that would help people regain their mobility so they could continue having a quality life.

Jeff loves to be on the Go. Whenever he’s not on the phone helping one of his customers, he’s often roller blading, playing tennis, kayaking, playing guitar, traveling or baking bread (his new hobby).

Eric: Inspired by the Dalai Lama’s quote, “One’s purpose in life is to help people”, Eric has dedicated the last 15 years of his life in assisting others. Whether it’s teaching one of his kids to ride a bike or helping someone with their mobility needs, Eric cherishes each moment as a chance to do what he was born to do, help people. Eric feels very fortunate to have this opportunity and we’re sure that when you work with him that his passion will brighten up your day.

When not helping others Eric enjoys spending time outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where he lives with his wife and two kids and any opportunity to travel and show his kids all the wonders of the world.


We believe mobility is a birthright. No one should be deprived of independence. Our mission therefore is simple. We wish to help as many people as possible GO where they want to GO and continue living the lifestyle they deserve.


- To offer extraordinary customer service and to treat every one of our customers as if they were family.
- To give you amazing discount prices.
- To always give you free shipping on everything in our store.

We appreciate your business and we are genuinely interested in each of our customers and making sure you get exactly what you want based on your unique needs.